Dissertation Text

To lecture is to question a theme, expressing its point of view and arguing it. You have to give your opinion convincingly, so the arguments mustpersuadethe reader and this really requires knowledge about the subject matter. In the dissertation, what prevails is reason. Ideally, you should not put your ideas as if they really were your own, then write impersonally. Always use the third person.

The essay writing among all is the one that most demands the correct structure of the text: introduction, development and conclusion, because it is necessary to have a link between the points of view and the arguments. In the vestibular centers throughout the country, most of the essay texts are related to the critical analysis of a topic with debate and discussion on the subject.

DissertationArgumentative Text

This type of dissertation has an opinion piece organized to defend a certain opinion on a theme. In this case you need to use good explanations and arguments so that your ideas are well explained to your reader. The essayargumentative essay takes the argumentative in the name because it defends a thesis and the dissertation refers to the explanations used for such an opinion.

The structure of how to make a good essayargumentative essay consists of: thesis, argument and argumentative strategies. The thesis refers to the opinion defended in the text, the argument is what you use for the reader to agree with his thesis and the argumentative strategies are related to the data used to develop his arguments as examples, data, comparisons, etc.

Types of Dissertation

Expositive: when a person writes a text using much data obtained in newsreels, television, newspapers and magazines. It is a type of writing that exposes a certain subject, but without arousing a discussion.

Argumentative: This type of essay text emphasizes personal opinions by having the reader reflect on the subject and come to a conclusion.

Mixed: In this case you can expose the facts and propose a critical analysis on a certain subject.

Tips for a Good Dissertation

  • Use verbs in the third person;
  • Do not use slang and cool words;
  • Avoid using the figurative meaning of words;
  • Do not use the expressionin my opinionbecause only writing a dissertation text already implies that it is a text that presents the point of view of the author of the essay;
  • Respect the text structure with introduction, development and completion;
  • In the introduction and conclusion always make a comparison with what was said in the development. Avoid escaping the theme;
  • Be careful about repetitions and read your draft before writing definitive text;
  • Avoid jargon likemarriage makes the forceand other expressions that impoverish your writing;
  • Be aware of tautologies that are nothing more than the repetition of the same idea in the same sentence. For example, when I say final finishing I am being redundant, because the idea of finishing already gives the final feeling;
  • Escape controversial issues related to religion, abortion, quota system, etc. Unless the subject is included in the essay topic;
  • Write clean, simple text while avoiding slang, but do not write with elaborate content.