Essay Writing

For every student, essay writing is of the utmost importance when one wants to enter a university, and is also necessary for life in school and beyond. Many get complicated when starting the text, but coming to the conclusion is the great difficulty for those who do not know how to complete their ideas in order to gain the appreciation of the broker. Below are some techniques that help a lot in finishing the text by drawing the reader’s attention and convincing him of his ideas.

Cohesion is imperative

One text should be coherent and all its parts should fit together, one completing the other. At the time of writing, pay attention to the paragraphs, because you can not have parts disagree or contradict. All seek to provoke a strong reaction in the reader and all paragraphs must contain elements that play this role. However, it is in the conclusion that the reader should be more impressed, since it is from this that he will make the final evaluation of the essay.


The types of essay that appear most in the vestibular tests must be the most practiced ones. The dissertation is the most requested and, even, is the textual proposal of the National High School Examination (Enem). In it there is analysis, reflection, concept, evaluation, explanations and expositions of ideas. It is the text in which a point of view, a thesis, must be structured with good arguments for it to succeed. The conclusion of this text brings the ideas that were exposed throughout the essay and ends without leaving doubts or denying what was said, with clarity and precision.

The conclusion

All text needs completion. It is the synthesis of what was written in the body of the text, closing the ideas. The amount of lines may vary, but it should not be too long, you should get to the point without windings. In the dissertation it is common that the conclusion brings a proposal of solution to what was treated in the text.

How to complete an essay?

What not to do:

  • Use expressions likein a nutshell“, “endingorending“;
  • Add new information that needs development;
  • Have connection only with the last development paragraph
  • Write more than one paragraph.

What to do:


You can finish the text by presenting possible solutions to the challenges presented in the text development. It is important that these solutions seem feasible.

Resumption of thesis

The thesis is presented in the introduction paragraph and developed in the text. You can, in conclusion, resume it by giving conclusion.

Concluding coordinated prayer

It is also possible to present the conclusion with a conclusive coordinative conjunction (hence, therefore, then, therefore) exposing solutions to the ideas exposed in the body of the text.

Model sentences to start the conclusion

  • Due to the facts mentioned
  • Taking these aspects into account
  • In view of the arguments presented
  • Given the above
  • In view of the observed aspects ., you can share with quick essay help ..
  • By virtue of what has been mentioned
  • For all these aspects
  • By observing the analyzed aspects